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Tita Castro is a Colombian Visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Miami who found in art, an opportunity to channel her emotions in a cathartic way. Her paintings and embroiders are a reflection of her own life, her frustrations, insecurities and fears. They are somehow emotional (and physical) nudes, and it is this exposure what makes it easy for people to empathize with her and her art. Her work has been shown extensively in Bogotá, Colombia and last year in a Colombian collective show at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Miami.

Please click here to see some of her work.

Susana + Alicia {Twins}

January 28, 2012

Susana and Alicia were born and raised in Miami, but their parents are from El Salvador. They are passionate about their city and love exploring it together, being biking around trying to discover the most delicious foods or just driving around in their beloved red Toyota called Chimichanga. Although they now live in different cities (Susana studies urban planning in New York and Alicia is a graphic designer in the apparel world of Miami), they freelance together combining their very different strengths in their fields to solve business and development problems in a practical, creative, and personable way. They strive to make the most of their individual careers, but dream of opening up their own business together and give back to the city they love so much. Alicia is obsessed with finding the perfect mozzarella stick and Susana loves key lime pie!