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Onward with my little pet project. Below is Sunny the cat. He was rescued the day before hurricane Wilma and he must have been six weeks old at the most and wasn’t able to see much further than a couple inches. Alison, Carlos Baez’s wife, picked him up from the side of the road close to their house and brought him home….. now he is a happy, fat office cat!

And as for the cute chihuahua,  he is my sister in law’s dog and was named after Derek Jeter…… that’s pretty much all I know about him ^_^


Ok, so this is one of the coolest dogs that I know…… First, his people are some of our closest friends, and second, he was named after Kiefer Sutherland {AWESOME}. There is absolutely  nothing you shouldn’t love about this doggah,  even more so since he is a rescue like Lola. So…… Enjoy!