February 10, 2009


Hello and welcome to  the “I <3… BLOG”. I am a photographer in Sunny SoFL and I am awful at writing about myself. I am not going to bore you with the same story every photographer has about how they started, the only thing I can say is that I want to take your picture !

Here is a  list of the couple of  things I enjoy in life:

I <3………

{PHOTOGRAPHY, the husband, polaroids, my dogs,  twin reflex cameras, sublime, sushi, ice cream, Hawaii, radiohead, movies, fruits, type, books by Cohelo, 75 degree weather, cooking books although I have no clue how to cook, the smell of rain and fresh cut grass, furniture, india ink, pantone swatches, kid robot, cupcakes,  graphic design books, super grain acctions, purple shadows, vintage pictures, cover bands, top chef, R.E.M.,walking barefoot around my house, drinking papaya juice… like a boss,  sleeping in airplanes, ukuleles, hats,  making friends, trying new things, karaoke, fountain pens, taschen, people who can play instruments, people who can paint and draw, people who inspire me + inspiring people, }

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